Oct 06 2012

Super Superman Costumes

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Since the new Superman film is being released on the heels of the final Christopher Nolan Dark Knight films, interest and fan-boy mania has created a demand on superman costumes for enthusiast and professionals. The new the film’s Superman costume in has had a real impact on the way that people view the character of the man of steel, and how he fits in the pantheon of heroes. So, when looking for a superman costume its best to steer clear of the typical choir boy with the curled bangs, and look more closely at the golden age-interstellar gladiator. The new look of Superman is more chiselled and organic, and yes even alien, meaning that anyone who wants to get the look right should try and introduce a substantially more textured look; like a space suit and less like a dancers unitard.

This incarnation of the superman costumes is based off the idea that the suit with the big lazing “S” wasn’t designed and created by mother Kent to show the patriotism of the last son of krypton, but a high-tech space suit manufactured on krypton by superman’s, also known as Kal El, kryptoninan parents to represent his alien heritage and to protect an infant from the rigors of space travel; a much cooler history and one that effectively establishes a fresh style for the character and the person wearing the superman costume.

Taking this new origin into consideration, anyone who wants to make a splash as the man of should veer away from the mega patriot and stick to the alien savior.

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Sep 30 2012

Wonder Woman Costumes

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Anyone aware of the awesomeness that is the modern interpretation of the Wonder Woman costume and the Wonder Woman character is bound to don the blue red and yellow this year. Anyone looking to go out and really establish their love for the new and more war like look of the wonder woman costume at an event, comic convention, or Halloween party, needs to have an opinion on her history. Even though the Amazon wonder woman was envisioned as a light hearted attempt to inject some femininity, in a bit of condescending way, into the pantheon of comic book heroes, she has now established herself as one of the most powerful and dominant characters in the DC roster. This means that if you want to really make an impact as the once goddess of war, a bit of body paint and design needs to go into making a warrior out of yourself.

To wear a Wonder Woman costume you need to take into account the realities of her history as, essentially, a living goddess of justice and war and how that look will function on a night out. Wonder Woman has fought the gods of war and the underworld on numerous occasions; beating back armies and hordes of ravenous beast so the question is why hasn’t she ripped a seam in 30 years? Answer this by modifying your costume with the tears, blood, and battle scars. Incorporating a cape or shoulder pads can help enhance your look and add some aristocracy to you wonder woman costume.

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Sep 23 2012

“V” for Vendetta Costumes

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Anarchy has become fashionable again with the cult attention given to Allan Moore’s creation the character V from the graphic novel V for Vendetta. The character has all the trappings of swashbuckling pirate, a merciless ninja bent on absolute destruction, and an eloquent spokesman for the liberty of the people from the influence of an Orwellian government. Considering this, it is no wonder why people trying to find the perfect costume are starting to look to the avenger as an option to liven up their look and presence for Halloween the evening. The V for vendetta costumes are based on the countenance of the famous or infamous Guy Fawkes who planned to destroy English land marks. So, to make the V costume work you need to exude a cool calm and confidence that everyone will notice, the style of a V costume is focused less on war scars and more on the mask the knives and the mannerisms

The mask is a powerful tool and a way to fully exploit the sort of calm and bold reserve that V brought to the screen. The V costume’s Guy Fawkes mask is meant to be an emblem of power, secrecy, and of course a unified purpose; and that is one the advantages of the V costume that you will want to play up. Then there are the V costume’s knives and weaponry, by supplementing them with safe but lethal looking knives you will add a bit of danger to your look. Then there is the simple act of being refined. The V costume is all about coming off as an engaging witty and intelligent mercenary.

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Sep 16 2012

Kick Ass Costumes

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The graphic novel Kick-ass was a wild ride for lot of people, with all sort s of gratuitous and pointless violence that seemed to occur for the sake of being gratuitously brutal, as the film gave people a chance to consider what it would be like to live their live as an actual costumed avenger. So anyone who wants to really enjoy the thrill of either coming out on top as the good guy, or being beaten badly, should invest some real time and effort into the way they wear their Kick-ass costume. The character kick-ass himself, in the film and comic book, has a moment of clarity in which he realizes that the best way to be a hero is to simply look and act like one, and ironically to get the costume right you have to make a similar, though not as a extreme commitment.

For the Kick-ass costume to work you have to recognize the importance of accessories, like Batman or Carrie Bradshaw. A good set of batons might be a good place to start, these were the weapons that Kick-ass used to marginally combat evil on the page and the screen. But you should feel free to modify them with all sorts of brutal but safe additions. Try wrapping them with fake barbed wire and hastily duct taped throwing stars. And since violence leads to injury you need ruin your Kick-ass costume a bit to make it shine. Make some cuts and wounds to bring it all together.

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Sep 09 2012

Dressing as the Punisher!

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Few characters are as interesting complex and sociopathically brutal as the anti-hero that started it all in the 1970’s, Frank castle. His character the Punisher is still popular today because of the ease with which a decent man is shown slipping into a life of brutal revenge, the surreal aspect of an average man with lots of guns and no powers doing damage in world filled with flying folks who throw cars like javelins, and the tough guy iconography he brings to the table. Considering this you can appreciate both the basics of making a punisher costume work for you and the ways you can innovate on Frank Castle’s look by changing up the expected looking at this brutal vigilante with a heart of stone.

The first thing you want to do to make the Punisher Costume work for you is to look beyond the unitard and at the ways in which a man like the Punisher punishes, which of course means weapons! When it comes to punisher costume accessories think less Batman and more pissed of Seal team six; lots scary looking guns with straps and long barrels, hunting knives with jagged reverse blades and plastic brass knuckles for close quarter combat.

Also, ladies can have their own turn at the Castle level of brutality by modifying or purchasing a punisher costume to fit them. This sort of look works really well and you won’t have any problem pulling together elements you need to exude that sense of a femme fatale bent on vengeance.

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Aug 26 2012

Wolverine Costumes

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One of the most underrated costume options right now, the wolverine costume, is easily one of the most recognized revered and respected characters to have ever been created. With the Avengers film’s ridiculous success, the release of Chris Nolan’s Final Batman Film, the up and coming release of the new Superman reboot and the likelihood of a Justice League film release, there seems to be no room for anyone dressed as Logan this year. However, an enthusiast can make a wolverine costume work by looking to the literature and getting some fresh ideas.

For people with a sense of exhibitionism, or people who live in places with some seriously hot weather one of the better variations they might consider for their wolverine costume is the weapon X look. This is basically a nearly naked, berserk, wolverine with his claws fully extended and metal spines dotting his body like a big crazed porcupine. This Wolverine costume looks great when completed but it is an investment in time and craftsmanship.

The other and more esoteric option, familiar more to fan boys and avid wolverine fans, is the feral bone clawed variation on the Wolverine costume; with the bone claws and beast fangs. This variation was part of a storyline in which magneto pulled all the metal from wolverine’s bones and left him for dead. In the end wolverine survived, left with bone claws and the mentality of a feral wolf. Like the weapon X wolverine costume clothing is not really an issue, but effort should be put into making yourself more beast than man.

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Aug 12 2012

Blackest Night Costumes

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The biggest reason why people choose the costume they choose has to do more with respect and reverence, than whether or not that particular person looks anything like the character that they’re representing. This is why when choosing a Blackest Night Flash costume it is important that you know the important points of the series’ plot that effect the look of the character. The Blackest Night Flash costume comes from a special event in the DC universes when a new sort of Lantern (think the Green Lanterns) came into being; the Black Lanterns who could resurrect the dead and turn them into warriors of entropy. Consequently, one of the heroes the black lanterns resurrected was one of the long deceased Flash personas, returning to life in his former costume, now a shade of midnight black with paper white desiccated skin.

The key to making the Black Night Flash costume work is to play up the look of grave yard dirt and rotten rags as best as possible and to move with an authentic and desiccated zombie shuffle to really drive the character home. Essentially you are trying to act as a zombie, with bit of your consciousness intact, to get the look to come across authentically. The actual construction of the Blackest Night Flash costume can be done with the creation and alteration of an existing flash costume or with the purchase or a Blackest Night Flash costume with an appropriate amount of grave rot applied to the correct areas.

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Aug 05 2012

Patriotism is Cool Again with Captain America Costumes

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Thanks to the Avengers, patriotism is cool again and you can tell this is true when you see of all the Captain America costumes out there this Halloween. Captain America costumes are a great way to show off muscles and a solid excuse to walk around with a plastic weapon all evening. But there is more variety to this costume then you might guess at first glance. If you want to make the Captain America costume work for you there are for variations that will make you stand out in the crowd.

The first variation on Captain American costumes comes in two designs that represent the African American Capitan America persona. First there is the Isaiah Bradley the classic World War II, African American Captain America; a solid bulky muscular man with a shield and red, white, and blue bandana; or his young descendant the trim muscular hero known as the Patriot from the Young Avengers.

Another variation on Captain America costume is the American Dream, the blonde bomb shell who dons her own form fitting red, white, and blue costume, and has perfect aim with her shield. To make this work for you, ignore the blonde edict nd go with your own hair color as she often dyes her hair.

Finally if you want to really add an edge to a Captain America costume you might want to give the Winter Soldier a try. Your two options with this costume are either the long haired sociopath with the metal arm, think Brandon Lee as the Crow in red, white. and blue, or the Winter Soldier’s version of Capitan America with a sharpened shield and a mean looking gun.

So if you want to enjoy the Captain America experience in style. keep in mind that you have lots of options to fly the red, white, and blue.

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Jul 29 2012

Vampires Costumes – Pay Homage to True Blood, Twilight

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When it comes to Vampire costumes you may think that its old hat and that nothing can be added to make the whole look appealing. But listen, the vampire costume isn’t going anywhere; True blood, Twilight and all the people still buying Anne Rice novels and 30 Days of Night graphic novels will clue you in. So don’t write the vampire costume off, simply recognize that you have three options if you want to pull it off successfully.

The first option for vampire costumes is the oldest, grittiest, and most horrifying and honestly a favourite of this writer, the throat ripping nightmare that terrifies at a glance. The best modern example of this has to be found in the 30 Days of Night film and is a gruesome spectacle for everyone looking to bring the fear back to all hallows eve. Pulling off this style of vampire costume involves lots of teeth, blood, and skin the shade of death, maybe with black eyes and a feral violent look. You won’t win any beauty contest with this one, but you will get people’s attention and a chance at a best costume award.

The next is the sexy teen heart throb, the genesis of the Twilight vampire costumes. This option involves less work and attention to detail and more foundation on your face and hand mirrors. With these vampire costumes you aren’t really trying to wow anyone, just look gaunt and as depressed as possible without being a downer. Beware however you won’t get any respect from the horror fans out there.

Last but not least is the bridge between the two previous types of vampire costumes commonly called the Dracula, Lord Byron, or today the Lestat. This vampire is dapper well-dressed but dangerous. There is no self-doubt or confusion, simply an innate sense of class and an implied urge to kill. This vampire is the most interesting and underutilized so if you want to stand out give it a try.

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Jul 22 2012

Justice League Costumes are the Bomb

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When it comes to staying ahead of the style curve the options in Justice League costumes are numerous, thanks to the Avengers film and its animated series and the other buzz around a Justice League movie, everyone is talking about which characters might show up in the Justice League line up. So, the possible options for this year’s Justice League costumes include Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Man-hunter, Black Canary, The Flash, Aquaman, the Green lantern etc. The Justice League, much like the Avengers, has a pretty deep bench of characters with some serious heavy hitters, with the added bonus of some of the most iconographic characters in comic book history.

When you are at a costume party you might want to avoid having to deliver overly involved explanations for just who it is you are supposed to be, making the notoriety Justice League costumes so appealing to begin with. The triumvirate of cool when it comes to Justice League costume options include Wonder Woman, Batman and of course Superman. These guys are characters recognizable for the graphic novel laymen out there, and at the same time many different costume options exist for each, for example Christian Bale’s Batman versus Michael Keaton’s.

However, you might want to get a bit more involved in your costume and try for a underexposed characters like Green Arrow or Hawkman. Characters like these might not be recognizable at first but if done correctly the can be just as appealing, this choice between a known and unknown quantity is what is most attractive about Justice League costumes.

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